Saturday, February 27, 2010


For information and comments on the proposal for development of the old 'Wisdom Bridge Theatre' site, made Monday night, go to 24/7 North of Howard Watchers.  Please add your thoughts, questions and concerns in the comments section! 

IMO, the community needs to be provided specific information on the details of this 'proposal' and its' request for a zoning change.  We also need certifiable information regarding the 'new' Aronson 'development group', Noble Development.  Who are their principals, what is their financial situation and what is their track record regarding any previous development history?  Why are the architectural renderings and drawings that were presented dated 2008? Due to the current economic situation and based on the number of failed 'projects', resulting in empty lots and holes in the ground, in Rogers Park,  this kind of information and
transparency should be forth coming, if not required, for public/community scrutiny and consideration before this proposal moves forward. How about it, Mr. Aronson and Alderman Moore??? The community wants and deserves details, not 'broad brush strokes', empty promises and vague verbal 'assurances'!!

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Sandy Goldman said...

Go Mike !!! Sorry I missed that meeting. We need more information. Something does not smell right.

Sandy Goldman