Thursday, February 22, 2007

MUST READ: Be Informed Before You Vote!

During the past several weeks, 49Th Ward Residents have heard a good deal of rhetoric from the incumbent Alderman about his inclusiveness and many community 'meetings' regarding 49Th Ward development issues. If you believe that the Residents of the 49Th Ward are, and have been, included in a 'community process', I suggest you take a look at the Community Planning Process in the 48Th Ward. Any wonder why the 48Th Ward is on the track it's on, while we in the 49Th Ward have the results of Joe Moore's 16 years of incumbency ( NoH, Howard Street, Paulina,
Morse Avenue, etc.)? Be an informed voter on
Tuesday, February 27Th!
Mike Luckenbach
32 Year NoH Resident

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