Tuesday, February 27, 2007


From Toni @'24/7 North of Howard Watchers'

Tuesday, February 27, 2007
The Day To Make A Change

The polls will soon open for you to make an intelligent choice by voting for one of the challengers for the position for 49th Ward Alderman. Long time residents had told me of Moore’s illegal campaign antics which thoroughly disgusted me. Having witnessed his Fagus backed Machine’s down and dirty actions, I do not consider him a worthy candidate. Someone with such lack of character has no right to be my ‘voice’ which is one reason why I started this blog. I was totally appalled at the way this neighborhood had been set up and was not being cared for. For the most part, I refrained from jabbing at the incumbent. But as he stalled the Gale Park Field House and arrogantly intervened in the Park Council’s hard work, as he pandered to developers and bad landlords on one side and the poor on the other, it became apparent how he was playing all of us. When his little scheme was revealed - it hit too close to home - and that was the end of the line. Neighbors, it’s time to unite for the day, put our differences on the back burner and choose a real leader who gives a damn about all of us, Rogers Park and our future.
Find Your Polling Place and start Spring Cleaning today.

Additional election day reporting available @ http://www.morsehellhole.blogspot.com/