Saturday, January 29, 2011


After reading Alderman Moore's 'statement' regarding his decision on the proposed "RIF" for Rogers Park (49th Ward) and the response of Brian White, his opponent  in the upcoming Alderman's race and a proponent of the RIF,  it is more apparent than ever that we need a change in the Aldermanic leadership in the 49th Ward.  After 20 years in office, Joe Moore's divisive tactics regarding the important issues facing our community couldn't be clearer.  He continues his 'helter-skelter',  hit and miss (mostly miss) form of community planning and development, without any effort toward, and or involving, long-range, professional planning for our neighborhoods.  I find it telling and sadly disingenuous that in his rebuke of the the RIF proposal, he continually refers to 'low-income' housing.   In fact, Mr. Moore is directly responsible for the devastation and unhealthy concentration of very low-income rental housing and poverty in the North of Howard neighborhood as well as other pockets throughout the Ward.  While there may be legitimate questions regarding Mr. White's proposal, it is clear that he is a serious community development planner, who is interested in full community input and long range planning, resulting in quality of life improvement for all, including affordable rental housing and true mixed income development in the 49th Ward. 

I urge everyone to support Brian White in his run for Alderman of the 49th Ward.  After 20 years of Mr. Moore's brand of 'leadership?' it is  more apparent than ever that we need real change to come to the 49th Ward and its'  56,000 residents.

Mike Luckenbach
35 year resident of Rogers Park


Margaret said...

I was disgusted when I received a flier in my mailbox from an anonymous source regarding the RIF/TIF issue. It is filled with inaccuracies and outright lies about Brian White and his position on development for the 49th Ward.

I personally know Brian and am proud to call him a friend and neighbor. Brian is fully committed to help ALL residents of our ward and has a proven track record of community involvement. He has a thorough understanding of the issues that face Rogers Park.

Twenty years of the current alderman and his divisive tactics are what's gotten our community into the shape it is now in. I'm certainly ready for a change and plan to vote for Brian White

April said...

What were the inaccuries and outright lies that Margaret is referring to? I read Brian White's rebuttal to the TIF/RIF flyer today, but I notice he did not clarify whehter or not he is a landlord. In the name of transparency, will someone say whether he is a landlord or not?

Anonymous said...

Hi April:
I own a 2-flat apartment. My family lives in one apartment and we rent the other. That is the extent of my real estate. Perhaps the author of the flyer confused me with Ben Myers, who actually owns and manages quite a bit of property.

By way of my background, I have been an advocate for balanced development for over 10 years. This means working to address the needs of renters, owners, and multifamily property owners and managers, because we need all sides pulling in the same direction as much as we can.

I was named LCBH's 2008 housing advocate of the year, but am also recognized for my work the last 4 years to train and support small, self-managed condo associations. As the chair of the Partners for Rogers Park's housing committee, I helped draft their agenda. Joe Moore told the Chicago Tribune he strongly supports the committee as promoting the kind of innovative thinking we need to address the housing needs of ALL community residents. I appreciate the endorsement.

As candidate, I am taking the same comprehensive and balanced approach to boosting our schools and helping small businesses, the economic engine of our community. Take a look at

Brian White
(773) 789-8552

Anonymous said...

Wait a second, Mike, I don't get it. You've been saying for years that the neighborhood has too much low income housing yet you're endorsing a guy who says we don't have enough. I get why you don't like Moore, but why do you want to support this guy?

mcl said...

To 'Anonymous said...'

Two things:

1) Normally this blog does not post 'anonymous' comments. However, in this instance I wanted to respond to your 'misstatement' regarding Brian White's housing development advocacy. In the future, if you wish to comment on this blog, please identify yourself.

2) To my knowledge, at no time has Brian White said that "we don't have enough low income housing". I have had numerous conversations with Mr. White regarding this issue and he has made it clear to me that what he does support is balanced 'mix-income housing'. His advocacy for "affordable" housing is just that, affordable for all, including middle class, working people. Affordable housing and low-income/subsidized housing are not the same thing. Further, Brian agrees that the concentration of low-income/subsidized housing NoH is NOT acceptable and needs to be addressed with some kind of long range plan which will ultimately result in a 'true' mixed income neighborhood. His work with the Lakeview Development Corporation for the past 10 years affirms this approach.

For more go to: