Wednesday, May 26, 2010


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At approximately 3:25 PM this afternoon, a portion of the upper facade of the old Wisdom Bridge Theatre building collapsed onto the sidewalk below.  Fortunately, no one was walking below at the time.  Howard Street is closed to pedestrian as well as vehicular traffic between Marshfield and Bosworth at this time.


Tom Mannis said...

GREAT photos. Better than the fuzzy one CBS2 posted.

mcl said...

Thanks, Tom.

Just a mom said...

CBS 2 has bad info, what nightclubs??? Winston Bridge Theater???
Did they even visit the scene, do the fact checkers have the day off?

The North Coast said...

Thank God no one was injured. This is the 2nd collapse on that street. It shouldn't have been permitted to happen. It was well-known for years that this old place was dangerously deteriorated, and the local authorities should have forced the ownership to either fix it up or tear it down long ago.

Shame about this beautiful old building, that it was let to deteriorate to the point where it is no longer salvageable. I used to have fantasies about turning it into four work-live spaces.

The building proposed to replace it is an aesthetic disaster. I'll think of the old building and what it could have been every time I see it