Sunday, March 07, 2010


Thanks to Bernard Garbo for the following summarization of the 'Participatory Budget' meeting on Thursday, March 4th:

"The turnout was better than expected. The 6 committees presented their recommended projects (go to and scroll down to link to projects posted March 3). I know that on our committee (Public Safety) there are 2 projects on our list NOH: more lights on Juneway and Bosworth.

All recommended projects total $2.5 million; there is $1.3 million available to spend.

Residents of the 49th ward vote on the projects at an assembly on April 10. HOWEVER there will be early voting for those that can't make the April 10.

Each resident gets 8 votes. That doesn't mean you can 8 times for one project, it means you have the option of voting for 8 projects. But you can up the chances for the projects you want by not casting all votes. By voting for only one projects versus 8, you lower the votes on the other projects. Bottom line, if you want a project, you need to get residents out to vote (either on April 10 or before). All residents of the 49th ward aged 16 and over are eligible to vote.

If you missed the March 4 presentation. You can attend March 8, same presentation."

Monday, March 8th, 7:00 p.m.
 Loyola Park Fieldhouse,
1230 W. Greenleaf, 2nd Floor

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