Monday, December 07, 2009


Why rename Triangle Park?

Triangle Park is a 2.5 acre park located at 7700 N. Hermitage. It was a community managed park built in 1985 under Urban Renewal restrictions. It is a passive park with no sports or play structures on it. The community considers it a nature park, with an ecological focus and used for picnics, impromptu sports, and community events. In 2000 it was transferred to the Chicago Park District as Park #518. The Park District has asked new parks to be named after a notable woman. Therefore, the Triangle Park Advisory Council has drawn up a short description of 3 candidates, each having either lived or worked in Rogers Park and contributed to the advancement of our community.

What happens after the poll is concluded?
In Jan. we will hold a special advisory council meeting to determine the name we will recommend to the Park District.
We will ask Alderman Moore to write a letter of support. The Park District Commissioners have 45 days to study the request & then it will be on their monthly agenda for approval.
Probably the decision will be in spring.

We are encouraging those who reside, work, visit, recreate... in Rogers Park to participate in the poll. Paper/pencil poll sheets are at Willye White Rec Center at 1610 W. Howard.

Link to electronic poll:

Thank you,
Sr. Cecilia Fandel
'Triangle' Park Advisory Council

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