Sunday, December 06, 2009


Up Date: I'm happy to report that as of December 5th, all of the kittens have been adopted and are now living inside in their new homes.
(click photos to enlarge)

"We are brothers and sisters (there is one more of us, our brother, who is not pictured above because he's out exploring) and we are looking for an indoor home, together or seperately. Our mama's name is 'Flower', she's a member of a feral cat family and wants to get us 'off the street' and into someone's loving and warm indoor home. We are 13 weeks old and need a companion(s) who is patient and understanding. If you would like to speak to our caregiver, call Mike at 773-465-2433 or email at"

P.S. Our brother is also orange.

All of us in a pile!


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mcl said...

The 'white' kitten was very attracted and friendly with me when he was very young. He joined our indoor family and is named Archy.