Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hi Neighbors:

TONIGHT, Aug. 26, at Willye White Rec Center, from 7-8pm, there will be a PARK WATCH orientation from Mayra Gomez, who does this sort of thing for 2 police districts, 24 and 20. So she knows her stuff.

This will operate similar to a BLOCK WATCH, only the focus will be our three parks North of Howard. We will be registered as an official entity with the Chicago Police Department, and when we call for assistance, we are better equipped to know what/how to talk to 911 and get police action. You will also learn more about the city ordinances that cover the regulations and use of the city parks & playlots and the responsibilities of the police (since 1958), and the Park District. BE INFORMED and INVOLVED.

In addition, I know some of you may have novel ways of getting cooperation from the youth in our neighborhood and building a raporie with them which will go a long way to making our neighborhood and it's parks and the playlot safe and enjoyable places to be.

The goal is to get at least 2-3 dozen people involved in PARK WATCH, so that no one person or group has to carry the burden alone. AND it can be fun. It CAN be a good way for you to take that first step in getting involved in the community and taking responsibility to help it develop and grow to be an REAL community, not just a community where groups live side by side, but never interact with each other.

Thank you,
Sr. Cecilia Fandel,Chairperson

NoH Park's Safety Committee

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jeffo said...

i really like that map of NOH
is there someway that could be madeinto a poster?

pretty cool