Monday, August 03, 2009


To the community:
We need your help.

We all want our playgrounds and parks to be a safe place for children and adults. Wishing for it won’t make it happen.

There has been ongoing disregard for play equipment, property, and other rules of Harold Washington Playground. Many times there are no adults supervising. Sometimes there are adults there, but they allow their children to disregard the rules posted. Some adults are there but do not get actively involved in reminding children of the rules or their behavior. Police have had to be called to restore order.

The Parks advisory councils and safety committee asked for a meeting with the Park District and Police which took place on July 30.

The Park District and Police strongly advised that there be active neighborhood involvement in watching the playground/parks. The Police said they would back us up with appropriate action, including arrests, or other process if it involves a minor. The Park District said it would levy fines and press for restitution of property damages.

But the community must do its part by organizing a strong Neighborhood group to be Park Watchers, especially from 5pm – closing time.

Tomorrow, Tuesday night: National Night Out Look for the table next to the CAPS table in Willye White Park. Please stop by and sign up to be a Park Watcher. Thank you.

Safety Committee for the Willye White, Harold Washington, and Triangle Park Advisory Councils – 773-973-4812.

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