Thursday, April 16, 2009


Greetings Neighbors and Friends,

Come out and join Beat 2422 as we walk this Saturday, April 18th at 7:00. The weatherman says the temperatures are expected to be in the mid 60's. Great weather for a spring walk through the North of Howard area. Engage in pleasant conversation, get to know your neighbors and enjoy the warmer weather. Bring pen and paper so that we can take note of troubled and abandoned buildings, street lights that are out, sewers that are backed up, trees that need trimming and other city services that need to be reported.
We will try to cover the area from Triangle Park to the west down to the lakefront on Eastlake Terrace.

We will meet at the Willye White Community Recreation Center at 1610 W. Howard, head west to Paulina then north to Jonquil, west again to Hermitage, hang out a few minutes at Triangle Park to see what's happening, then continue down Juneway back to Paulina, south on Paulina back to Jonquil, turn east on Jonquil to Bosworth, south on Bosworth back to Howard, do a bit of positive loitering at Howard and Bosworth and depending on the time either head back to where we started or we can continue east on Howard to Eastlake Terrace, north on Eastlake Terrace to the edge of the city at Sheridan Rd, take Sheridan Road to Juneway, Juneway west to Ashland, Ashland north through Willye White Park back to where we began at Howard and Ashland.

If that sounds like a confusing route, well, it is open to change as we go along if we don't think we can cover the entire area. I'm trying to cover as much territory as possible while touching trouble spots as we go, which may not be possible in one walk.

Bring your four legged friends, your buggies, babies and little ones. All ages are welcome, if you have someone in a wheelchair bring them too or a new friend. Everyone can use some fresh air and company besides the tv or computer.

Hope to see you out there.

Facilitator, Beat 2422
h: 773-761-8206c:


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