Wednesday, January 21, 2015


The residents of the 49th Ward are in need of, and long overdue, a change in Aldermanic leadership. Our 24 year incumbent, Joe "I'm at the top of my game" Moore has been 'feeding' at the Public Trough for way too long. He no longer represents or 'governs' in the best interest of the residents of the Ward, unquestioningly aligning himself with Mayor Emanuel and all manner of special interest organizations and individuals, i.e. Charter Schools, property developers and owners/managers, etc., etc., etc. (can you say Burger King, Pritzker Parking tower, UNO (privatization and closing of CPS schools), 'Hole on Estes', liquor licensing, North Shore School, attempt to privatize Willye White Field House, foie gras, problem rental buildings, store front vacancies, and on and on....). The Ward is being, and has been, 'governed' in a very hit or miss, helter skelter fashion for the past 24 years. Where's the PLAN?  Fact is, there is no Comprehensive Community Development Plan for Rogers Park or the 49th Ward and there never has been. 

The incumbent's motto and modus operandi, in dealing with Ward issues and his constituents, is, notification not consultation, ignoring community residents input and concerns, in favor of his 'special interest' groups and individuals, as well as being a mouthpiece/puppet of the Mayor. As Eric Zorn stated, "Alderman Joe Moore who used to be a reformer has become such a hack!"  Watch the video:
Go to minute 7 in the video

The time for a change is NOW!  For new leadership and direction in the 49th Ward, I'm supporting and voting for Independent, Progressive 49th Ward Aldermanic candidate Don Gordon.  You should too!
Mike Luckenbach
Rogers Park resident since 1975
Get to know Gordon!
On February 24, 2015....
VOTE GORDON for the 49th!

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