Tuesday, September 03, 2013


Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Rogers Park Business Alliance and the area SSA could/would 'influence' the owner/operator of this property to do something about it's garish green fa├žade and run-down look and condition along Rogers Avenue.  After all, this is the first thing you see as you enter the  Eastern Gateway to the 'new' Howard Street and, IMO,  this property's exterior sure doesn't reflect or contribute positively to the excellent  effort underway on  Howard Street.
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Philip McGregor Rogers said...

I noticed they did clear the windows of debris.

The proprietor is very nice too.

The side of the building on Rogers should be restored.

Wonder what the building used to look like before.

Anonymous said...

The proprietor of this shop is very nice. They also carry buns and bread which contains real sugar, not high fructose corn syrup... which is enough to get me in there on occasion.

mcl said...

No one is questioning the niceness of the proprietor. It's the exterior look and condition of his building/business that's at issue here. The garish green and white color needs to be replaced with colors more appealing and consistent with the vintage look of Howard Street and the new streetscape. The Rogers Avenue side is in need of maintenance and new paint. My bet is that by cleaning up the outside, he will increase his business by attracting new shoppers.