Sunday, May 17, 2009


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Grammar Gal said...

These are really great shots, mcl!

How do these 'other nations' react to each other? Sophie seems pretty Rocky a regular visitor?

I've been owned by a number of cats over the years, but never saw any as relaxed when a 'coon or 'possum or skunk was in the vicinity.

Please show more of these shots. Perhaps we can all learn something?

mcl said...

Thanks, GG.
Actually, that's 'Slinky' going eyeball to eyeball with 'Rocky'. And, yes, 'Rocky' is a regular visitor to "Sophie's Garden". If you enlarge the 1st photo, you'll see 'Sophie's' headstone, to the left of 'Slinky', for whom the Garden is named.

mcl said...

For more photos of 'Rocky', also taken Saturday night, go to: