Tuesday, May 05, 2009


A reminder........

Meet With The Triangle Park Advisory Council


Please mark your calendars: May 5, 7-8pm.

Triangle Park is at the intersection of Juneway and Hermitage. Currently I serve as President of the Triangle Park Advisory Council. Ralph Johnson is Vice-President. We have two other members.

There is also a Triangle Park Garden Group to care for the “Rock Garden” or any additional gardens that may occur.

This is a call for neighbors to learn more about Triangle Park, and to consider becoming a member of the Council so that it will be a top-notch exciting leisure park for all our neighbors.

I will be hosting an information meeting about TRIANGLE PARK, e.g. What is its purpose? What is the vision for it?

It will be held Tuesday evening, May 5th, 7pm – 8 pm. It will be held in the picnic area of the Park. Bring a lawn chair if you have one.

We will also be recruiting new members to serve on the council, and sharing what that might mean in terms of your time and talent.

Thank you. See you there.

Sister Cecilia Fandel

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