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Do you think drug companies have your best interests in mind? Before you answer, I urge you to read "Live with Dr. Ray Strand" to uncover shocking facts about the drug industry and your health. Dr. Strand is a classically trained physician with more than 30 years of experience in health care, and in this interview he reveals why he believes many consumers are being harmed and even killed by commonly prescribed medicines. He is a respected author of several widely published books, including "Death By Prescription" and "What YourDoctor Doesn't Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You." Many of the insights he shares in his recent books are also discussed in this interview.

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The information in this interview is vital for the well being of everyone who relies on conventional medicine to treat disease. Read"Live with Dr. Ray Strand" to find out why he believes most drugs are not adequately tested, and how you might be a human guinea pig without knowing it. He also explains why he has come to believe that nutritional therapies are far more effective than many of the pills doctors give their patients.

Read "Live with Dr. Ray Strand" to learn:

* How Dr. Strand discovered the healing powers of nutritionalsupplements
* Alarming statistics about the number of people who die from prescription drugs

* Why the current reporting system for drug side effects is failing
* Tips on using vitamin supplements to boost your immune system
* Why over-the-counter painkillers cause hundreds of thousands of medical emergencies each year
* Why only 1% of the population is meeting RDA nutritionalrequirements through diet alone
* How to prevent disease with nutritional supplements
* Why treating heart disease with cholesterol-lowering drugs fails to treat the problem
* How pressure to use medications is resulting in an overly medicated society
* How drugs have to kill thousands before they are pulled off the market
* Why supplements are better than drugs at fighting disease... and more.

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Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

P.S. This is one of our most popular downloads. Tens of thousands of people have already enjoyed the information found in this interview. Don't miss this one!

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