Thursday, April 16, 2009


I just received a call from Eva McCann, the CAPS Facilitator for Beat 2422 and she gave me the factual story of what occurred early this A.M. that resulted in the bloody scene at the HWM Playlot and the blood trail down Paulina to the Howard Street Red Line Station. Apparently, a 'homeless' person with an infected abscess wound, which ruptured and began to bleed profusely, sat down on the benches in the Playlot and attempted to stop the bleeding. This person then made their way down Paulina to the El at Howard Street and traveled South to the Loyola Station stop where someone called 911 for assistance. As stated in the earlier post, they were taken to St. Francis Hospital for medical treatment.

At least we now know that the grisly scene we confronted this morning was not the result of a violent act. And, let's hope the person who suffered this terrible affliction has a full recovery.

Here is Eva's follow-up e-mail:

Hi Mike,
I spoke to the police department today who clarified all the blood at Harold Washington Playlot and the injured person picked up at the Loyola Station. The two incidents are related.
Apparently a homeless person with some kind of an infected cyst or abscess was picked up at the Loyola Station this morning. His journey, however, began North of Howard when he stopped at the Harold Washington Playlot to try to stop the bleeding from the abscess that had burst and was bleeding profusely. He then made his way to Howard Street got on the el and got off at Loyola, where a station attendant saw him and called 911. He was taken to St. Francis Hospital. The police at this time have no further information about his condition after he was taken to the hospital.
Although the man needed serious medical attention at least no one was shot or stabbed.
Eva McCann
Facilitator, Beat 2422

Thanks for the follow-up, Eva.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping everyone informed. I personally emailed and called everyone I could think of to ask what happened, and never got a good response. Being a female alone living next door to this left me and others in our building very concerned. Good job.