Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Don't miss:"One Hole of A Mess" in the 49th Ward!
A Special Report with Carol Marin
NBC, Channel 5,
Wednesday, March 18th at 10 P.M.


Bill Morton said...

The demolition of the Adelphi Theater was a horrible tragedy and a sad loss to the Rogers Park community.

What was left is a dangerous hole in the ground where gangbangers and prostitutes do their business.

The fencing is unsecure and the property is uncared for.

The Adelphi Theater was a true beauty. The Adelphi Hole is a public safety hazard.

Bill Morton said...

Looking forward to watching the Feature on what became of the Adelphi Theater.

Anyone that would like to join us at Quest for the viewing is invited.

Free popcorn, in the spirit of the Adelphi Theater. (which had The Best movie popcorn!)

Quest Network Services
7301 N. Sheridan Road
Chicago, IL. 60626
10pm sharp.