Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Here's a short video of Commander Sobczyk responding to a young woman's comment/question regarding 24th District officers questioning 'innocent' young people on the street.
For what it's worth, I felt the Commander did a good job of explaining his 'approach' to policing and in responding to questions from the audience. I think his 'Howard Street Initiative' shows he has indeed 'hit the ground running' and that he means business in terms of enforcing laws and improving our 'quality of life' in Rogers Park. There is no doubt about the positive results to date, along Howard/Paulina and the surrounding areas, four weeks into the HSI, .

Let's all support and thank the Commander and his Officers for their efforts (next Beat 2422 CAPS meeting) on our behalf!
And while we're dealing with community/police relations, here is a very thoughtful, honest and insightful article by Norm Stamper, the former Chief of Police of Seattle, Washington, on the subject of 'police overuse/abuse of power'; why and how it comes about. Must reading for civilians and police alike.

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