Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society is planning its 2009 annual house tour, and we are planning to feature the areas of North of Howard (historically called "Germania"), Eastlake Terrace, and neighboring blocks in the far northeastern corner of Rogers Park. Currently, we are planning to hold the event on Sunday, May 3.

We want to include the entire community as we plan the event. We want to feature the neighborhood in a great way, and we'd love to have your partnership with us in doing that.

By the end of February, we need to have selected the sites for our tour. By "sites" I mean homes, apartments, apartment buildings, condos, commercial buildings, locales of historic significance, and any other architectural and historic gems.

The planning committee – made up of members of the Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society board and members of the Rogers Park community – meets periodically, and we welcome new members to the committee. To learn more about the committee and when it will next be meeting and how you can fit in (and you can – we need all of the helping hands we can get), please call Jonathan Dixon at (312) 217-0321 or email

In closing, here are some questions we're pondering, and would appreciate input on: how do we envision such an event showcasing and highlighting the history and character of the area? How can we work with the community to let it shine on May 3? What partners in the community would be interested in working with us in creating an event we can be proud of? What particular buildings/homes/historical features would be good to feature? The Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society wants to reach out to the community and make lasting ties.

-- The Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society is dedicated to being a source of information by gathering and preserving archives and chronicles of the community and through its activities disseminating that information through the telling of our story, so that the Rogers Park/West Ridge community can have a sense of belonging, inclusion, identity and pride, as well as a place for satisfying their curiosity about history, past, present and future.

Jonathan Dixon, President
RP/WR Historical Society


Save Street End Beaches said...

Too bad it can no longer feature the North Shore School building.

mcl said...

I share your feelings about the destruction of the North Shore School, however, I should point out that the RP/WR Historical Society House Tour for 2009 is focusing only on the North of Howard neighborhood.