Saturday, January 17, 2009



In regard to the crime situation in our community, I want to relate the following to all 49th Ward residents:
I attended a meeting last night (Friday, Jan.16th) as a member of the NoH Parks' Advisory Council's Security Committee. In addition to Chicago Park District personnel (program, facilities and security), Sargent John Delgado, 24th District, was in attendance. When the subject of 'gang shrines' came up, Sgt. Delgado informed us that it was the 'policy' of the 24th District to allow 'gang shrines' to remain, in place on public property, for up to 48 hours. I was dumbfounded by this revelation, as I'm sure all law abiding RP residents will be. I strongly voiced my objection to this 'policy' as completely absurd and ridiculous on a number of levels, from enabling and glorifying to coddling the gang lifestyle and activity in our community. This 'attitude'/policy is a serious affront to our residents and our community. It should be OFFICIALLY discontinued immediately. There must be ZERO tolerance to glorification or tolerance of ANY gang activity, period, particularly on the part of our 24th District Police officers. I intend to pursue this matter further, with STRONG objections, to Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis, 24th District Commander David Sobczyk, as well as 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore. I strongly urge ALL residents of our community to do the same.
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Bill Morton said...

Allowing for gang shrines and gang graffiti to remain just encourages more gang activity.

It is unfortunate that our police and in particular Alderman Joe Moore, refuse to take a stand and eliminate the gangs at every available opportunity.

This is one major reason why there is so much crime in the 49th Ward.

Tom Mannis said...

Excellent report, thank you for this. Very disturbing.