Saturday, October 18, 2008


Hello neighbors,

It's CROP walk for hunger time, - OCT.19 - and I'm going for my second year in a row. Hopefully we will have more walkers this year. This year, however, I have a lead walker, just in case I can't make it all 6 miles.

The ongoing theme is: WE WALK BECAUSE THEY WALK.
They walk for food. They walk for water.
They walk for firewood.
They walk to escape violence.
They walk to seek shelter.
They walk to farm their fields
They walk to find employment.
They walk to go to school.
They walk so that they can survive.

Hope you can help me again this year...even though finances are tighter this year.
Every little bit helps.

You can sponsor me on line by linking
here and clicking on my name.
Our team is called "ST. HENRY'S WALKERS". My goal is $1000.

Or you can send/give me a check. Make it out to CWS/CROP.
S. Cecilia Fandel
7712 N. Paulina #1
Chicago, IL 60626

Thank you very much.

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