Sunday, September 28, 2008


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Chicago housing prices.....! This snapshot of residential real estate values, based on deeds transferred during the period of April thru June 2008, is compiled by Record Information Services from public records. What's interesting and very troubling, is that of all the north lakefront communities, Rogers Park alone is the only one showing a DECLINE in median housing values. Anybody got any thoughts or comments as to why that's the case? Perhaps the Alderman or DevCorp North could help us with the answer!


Razldazlrr said...

We have too much low income and Section 8 housing that don't take care of their properties, losers wandering the streets, drugs and gangs.

mcl said...

In Realtor speak, it can best be summed up in four words, particularly in reference to our commercial/retail streets but also in many residential areas: VERY NEGATIVE CURB APPEAL! These negative conditions are the direct result of Joe Moore's and DevCorp's failures for the past 17 years and continuing. There's no other way to explain it!

mcl said...

Here's some of the problem: