Friday, July 11, 2008


Announcement To All Rogers Park Residents

We are in the process of forming an ad hoc group to organize against the Alderman's 'backroom deal' to allow the Chicago Park District to lease, or otherwise turn over the new Gale Park Community Center, to the Lathrop Homes Boys and Girls Club, a private not for profit organization. As everyone now knows, this 'turnover', as it is, will take place without ANY community voice or input.

In addition to lending your support to this 'grass roots' effort, we need people to volunteer and assist in this organizing effort. This issue is not limited to and affecting only the NoH neighborhood. This is a Rogers Park community wide issue, involving the Alderman, the Chicago Park District, the misuse of taxpayer monies, and the
total exclusion of community residents.
We need community wide support.

Please contact "SOCC" (Save Our Community Center), for now, at or call 773-465-2433

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