Thursday, July 03, 2008


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James Ginderske
Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2008 2:44 PM
Subject: ******* ***** suggestion

******* ***** suggested I contact you directly to hear your thoughts on about the Boys and Girls Clubs coming to Rogers Park/Gale, which you have stated that you oppose. If you want to get together I'm happy to meet.Feel free to bring along whomever you wish.
Jim Ginderske,
Neighbors for a Healthy Rogers Park

My response:

From: Michael luckenbach
James Ginderske
Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2008 5:03 PM
Subject: Re: ******* ***** suggestion

With all due respect, which, I must say has not been accorded to the NoH residents in this matter, why would I meet with you 'to hear my thoughts', which I quite clearly expressed in my letter to the editor of the Chicago Journal, as well as others. In case you missed it:

"As a 30+ year resident of Rogers Park, specifically the North of Howard neighborhood, I am very much opposed to Alderman Joe Moore's 'plan' (cooked up behind closed doors with a small group (3 or 4 people?) of non NoH residents, without ANY community input) to 'turn over' the new, unopened, Gale Park Community Center to the 'Cotter Boys and Girls Club'! There has been no community voice in this proposal at all! The North Howard Neighbors Association has conducted a poll on our web blog, ( and found 90% of the respondents say NO to this plan without neighborhood/community input and agreement. Not even the official CPD community parks advisory council (NOHPAC) was consulted about this idea. Out of no where, the Alderman sends out an e-mail announcing this plan, as though it were a done deal! This is a Park District facility, on Park District land, built after 10+ years of tireless effort on the part of many local neighborhood residents and groups, and as a LOCAL resident, I say NO to this 'back room' deal! The North of Howard Parks Advisory Council should convene a community meeting to allow the Alderman and the Cotter Boys & Girls Club to present 'their' idea(s) to the residents of the NoH neighborhood, not as a 'done' deal but as a proposal for the community to consider. The Alderman must be held accountable and answer to the will of the community. Anything less is a farce and a travesty of basic democratic principles! Let the people of the neighborhood decide!"

Mike Luckenbach
North Howard Neighbors Association
7712 N. Paulina


mcl said...

By the way Jim, who made you the deciderer?

Hugh said...

oh, now he wants to chat?

Ginderske has a lot of fucking nerve

what an asshole

Hugh said...

"A friend reminded me that there were actual residents and taxpayers living norht of Howard, so I thought i would contact you."

yeah, right

what an ass

Hugh said...

"In my many conversations with Alderman Moore, it was never brought up that anyone of significance actually lived north of Howard."

mcl said...

From the Declaration of Independence: "Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed,...."

Toni said...

It would help if Mr G had included the neighborhood BEFORE not after. There are conflicting streams of conversation. First it's for everyone in Ward 49 but it's a NOH issue. Steans stated it would bring people to NOH and Janney said most of their club members are those within walking distance.

Their hours and programs appeared to be parallel to those of a park district. And Mr. Sanchez remarked about his grant writing expertise. If so, then what do they need this board for if Sanchez is multi-tasking?

AND, why aren't they creating a new board for a new facility? Afraid someone might lose a seat?

AND didn't Jim G or his blogger bud mention reading the proposal? Janney said it's between the legal entities only....

Just wondering.