Monday, July 21, 2008


To be clear: S.O.C.C.(Save Our Community Center) is not against the Chicago Boys and Girls Clubs operating a club in our neighborhood. We recognize the good work they do with and for youth and would welcome them in our neighborhood, serving our young people. Our strong objection to the Alderman's plan is that it would turn over a taxpayer funded, long awaited, Park District Community Center to a private organization, which will drastically limit, if not completely deprive, open access and programing for all, from mothers with toddlers to our many senior citizens. As many others have pointed out, the Principal of Gale Math & Science Academy, has made it clear that he would very much like to negotiate a deal with BGCC whereby they would have full use of the separate, free standing, underused school Annex building on Marshfield. This building is larger than the new Community Center building and much better designed and equipped for a B & G Club and it's less than 10yrs old. This 'compromise' would be a big win, win for our neighborhood: a Park District Community Center for ALL, as originally planned, and a separate, free standing, well equipped facility for the Boys & Girls Club. I would like to add that despite what the Alderman says, his plan was and has been 'hatched' behind closed doors, with a small group of his 'inner circle'. This is not something that 'they' started discussing within the last few weeks had to begin months, if not a year or more ago, and has been carried on without any community input or discussion, until the past several weeks. In an open and transparent process 'we' (the community) would and should have been involved from the very beginning.

Mike Luckenbach
Founding Member S.O.C.C.
7712 N. Paulina
Rogers Park, U.S.A.

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