Thursday, August 02, 2007


Parents, teachers and community members are invited to attend the first ever "Pancakes with the Principal" Networking breakfast. This is an opportunity for parents and all members of the Gale Academy community to come together to discuss issues confronting our school.

"Pancakes with the Principal" will be held this Saturday, August 4, from 9 to 11am at the
Gale Community Academy Multi-purpose room (Annex building)
Marshfield at Jonquil

Topics to be discussed include:
A new dress code for middle grade students, new dicipline and restorative justice ideas, why single-gender classes for 6 - 8 grades.

Invited guests:
Deborah Esparza, CPS Area 2 AIO; Alderman Joe Moore, 49th Ward; Richard Adams, CAPS (Area 3).

Pancakes, French toast sticks, Toast, Hash browns, Sausage, Turkey bacon, Omelet bar and a special dish.

For more information or to RSVP,
call (773) 534-2250

1 comment:

MadeInRogersPark said...

This breakfast sounds like it was a tastey treat.
Too bad this wasnt posted on my front door like the 49th ward junk
I would have definetly attended as the schools in Rogers Park must change if there is to be a future