Saturday, March 31, 2007


Illegal Parkway Signs North of Howard
South West Corner of Ashland & Juneway Terrace

South West Corner of Greenview & Jonquil

The following message was recently sent
to members of the Chicago Association of Realtors.
"Sign Warning in Chicago Must be Heeded; Warning for REALTORS® in the City of Chicago; Especially in the Lincoln Park Zip Codes. Please abide by the Chicago Sign Ordinance. We have been advised by members that Ward Superintendents in Lincoln Park are enforcing the sign ordinance strictly. Signs are strictly prohibited on the public way in the City of Chicago. Please take note of the following City of Chicago ordinance."
10-28-064 Advertising Signs
Except as specifically permitted by this Code or when authorized by contract entered into by the purchasing agent in cooperation with the commissioner of transportation pursuant to Section 10-28-045, no person shall place, install or knowingly maintain on the surface of the public way any sign or a structure or device to which such a sign is affixed. Any such sign, structure or device that is placed, installed or maintained on the public way in violation of this section is hereby declared a public nuisance and may be removed at any time by the director of revenue at the expense of the person responsible for the violation.Any person who violates this section shall be subject to a fine of not less than $200.00 and not more than $500.00 for each offense.
Why is this Ordinance not enforced in our North of Howard neighborhood?
The above question should be directed to the Ward Superintendent, Mike Erickson at : or


NHNA said...

On Sunday, April 1st, Mike Erickson, 49th Ward Superintendent, informed NHNA that he had notified "both property owners to remove the signs from the parkways or they will be cited for violation of the ordinance." Thats good news but let's see how long that takes. The sign at Juneway & Ashland (Jay Johnson's property) has been up on the parkway for at least 2 years the other one on Greenview for over a year. The questions remains; Why were these obviously illegal signs allowed to stand for any length of time? Inquiring minds want to know.
Mike L.

Toni said...

Good work! Looks like 2007 is the year of removing illegal signs either by the current alderman and/or his friends.

I hope all the imported campaign workers show up to clean up the neighborhood for clean and green.

Anonymous said...

They may have removed the sign on Ashland at Juneway, but they left one of the support poles, and they did not fill in the hole from the other one. So now we're stuck with one pole and a hazard if you step off the sidewalk.