Wednesday, December 06, 2006


The following Post is from Toni Duncan @ 24/7 howardwatchers. NoH residents are urged to participate in the NOH Park Advisory Council meetings and have a voice in the development, upkeep and programing in our 3 neighborhood parks.

NOH Park Advisory Council Needs YOU
Excerpts from 11/28/06 NOH Park Advisory Council MeetingGale Field House UpdateEva stated that Mike Land reported Paschen Construction is on schedule. We do not have a written timeline, but we do have the following verbal benchmarks:· The foundation and footings are in.· Sewage and water is going in this month.· Steel girders will go in January.· In March masonry work will be done.· In April the interior work will begin and continue through the summer.· By end of September – early October, 2007 it will be completed.These meetings are attended by the 'regular' council members and one suggestion was to blog the awareness to the entire community that we need your support. You will be hearing this invitation from other sources also. Many have spent years struggling to get this field house for the neighborhood youth as well as adults. Yet since the council was formed, very few neighbors have come to meetings. Please consider setting aside one hour a month to set the course for not only Gale Field House, but the Harold Washington Playlot and to offer constructive, creative ideas for Triangle Park. Triangle Park poses challenges that many may enjoy, from suggesting a new name, to getting resolution on the parking area that was part of a City agreement to a developer. We realize people have very few free hours in the day but this is a neighborhood venture that when completed will be available to individuals, families, and groups to utilize. We need your assistance in becoming a 501 C 3 to organizing fundraising and grant writing and hopefully mentoring. We need programming ideas to request from the park district so there will be a variety of activities. So while the construction is underway, could some of our supporters from the past offer up a little of their time to join us? We may only be an 'advisory' council, but we, as a community need to be heard. This is our neighborhood and these are our parks.Please contact Sr. Cecilia at or call 773-262-6622 or stop by Howard Area Center at 7648 Paulina and ask for an application. The application is a formality the park district requires of all council members. Or just come to a few meetings and be heard! We need fresh ideas that many of you have to offer to help bring our parks and our neighborhood together. NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, Dec. 19 at HACC 7-8:30 pm. We meet the 3rd Tuesday of every month.