Monday, September 11, 2006


Be informed and state your opinion. Read this Sun-Times article & post from Howardwatchers! "Mandatory Screening....."

And for a look at a company that prides itself in creating and managing TRUE Mixed-Income Communities:
CJ Management: Mixed-Income Properties
"CJ Management shares key personnel with CMJ Management, which was the first managment company in the nation to manage private mixed-income housing. Our success and familiarity with Section 8 and tax credit issues make us a leader in the industry for this type of housing. Mixed-income housing, where a number of the total units are set aside for low or moderate income residents, is widely known in the housing industry today, but that was not always the case. CMJ Management was not only the first firm in the nation to manage this type of housing, but also the first to incorporate "resident services" as a key to its management strategy. To attract market rate residents, we realize that our properties need to be impeccably maintained, and our leasing and management staffs need to offer better service than the market rate competition."

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