Friday, August 18, 2006



The Howard Area Community Garden was first planted in 1982 in the area where Triangle Park is now located. It was moved to its present Juneway/Hermitage location in 1986. This is its 20th anniversary at the current location. It is 12,000 sq.ft. with 44 individual garden plots (15x12 ft), a "barrier free" space for three gardeners, a materials/compost area, and a sitting area.

In 1999 the Garden became part of NeighborSpace, a non-profit organization whose mission is to assist neighborhood groups to obtain, maintain, and insure small green spaces. The Garden is under the managment of Howard Area Community Center. Sr. Cecilia Fandel has been the Garden Coordinator since 1994. The Coordinator is responsible for allocating and use of garden plots, arranging meetings and educational or work activities, overseeing improvements and volunteers, and use of tools. The Garden Site Worker for 2006 is Roy Drummer. You may reach either by leaving a message at HACC, 262-6622.

The Garden has received awards from the Chicago Botanic Gardens, Green Net, Chicago Dept. of Human Service, and the coveted Mayor Daley Landscape Award. In 1992 the Garden was featured in both the Field Museum "Urban Gardens" and the Smart Museum of Art's "Critical Mass" exhibit. Improvements are made each year through obtaining grants from various groups such as the CDBG, Chiacago Dept. of Environment, Open Lands, Chicago Botanic Gardens, GreenNet, and donations from interested parties.

Visitors are welcome to the Garden whenever gardeners are present. There is a pleasant sitting area. We ask all visitors and gardeners to obey the following basic Garden rules:
+ Respect one another and help one another.
+ Take care of tools and water.
+ Clean in and around your own garden &
use trash and compost containers.
+ No taking produce without a gardener's permission.
+ No children in garden unless supervised by
a gardener or responsible adult.

To request a garden plot call or stop by the HACC and leave your name, address, and telephone number with the receptionist. Gardens plots go first to residents North of Howard, and then southward to Pratt. There is always a waiting list.

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