Sunday, April 16, 2006


From: Sister Cecilia Fandel
To: All NoH Residents

"Condo owners/Apartment Renters - Use Your Own Building Garbage/Trash Containers"

"I looked out my window early one morning to see a condo owner on his way to work. He was carrying his trash. He stopped by the Harold Washington Playlot and tried to put it in the trash barrel. It was full. Thankfully, he carried it on with him to find another place to put it. This has been a problem through the 10 years I've managed the Community Garden, Washington Playlot and Triangle Park. The neighborhood trash problem is exacerbated when Public containers are filled with household trash. If we discovered the culprit, they were reported to their property owner with a warning that the next time the Dept. of Streets and Sanitation would issue a ticket with a $50. fine. A few people were fined. Other times we put their trash right back in their yard next to their front door."

"Public trash containers in parks, play lots, and the garden, are not for household garbage. Each apartment or condo building is required to provide trash/garbage containers for residence use. Please USE them, NOT the public containers!"

Thank you,

Sister Cecilia Fandel

P.S. Be a Responsible Neighbor, don't litter!

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