Wednesday, March 08, 2006

In an e-mail, long time NOH resident requests up-date, from the Alderman on several previously announced NOH/ area development projects:


Speaking of zoning and development NOH, could you let this NOH group know the status of these NOH projects?

1) the project that was proposed to happen at the corner of Rogers and Sheridan?
2) the Walgreen’s that was talked about at Howard and Sheridan where the Marathon gas station is?
3) the on again/off again town home project at Ashland and Howard
4) the community center at Marshfield and Howard
5) the Pivot Point project that started and then stopped
6) the residential development project at Clark and Howard on the Evanston side?

Finally, many are concerned about the liquor and amusement license being applied for at Biddy’s. I don’t think anyone wants this --- what we want is the development that the owners of Biddy appear to have stopped on the corner of Rogers and Sheridan.

Tom Heineman


DMG said...

How long have you lived in this neighborhood? Did you ever go to the ORIGINAL Biddy Mulligans? What do you mean "noone wants this???" Who is this noone?
Explain your opposition to the liquor and amusement license.
I'm sorry to rant like this, but this sounds like the wrong fight.

DMG said...

Ok. The vein in my forehead have stopped bulging. I have done some deep breathing, and looked at Alderman Moore's response.
He says"... Accordingly, I asked them to withdraw their application for an incidental license. If they fail to do so, I will go on record opposing the application.

If they apply for the appropriate license, which is a license to operate a bar, I will ask them to meet with the community and make their case. If they fail to win community support, I will oppose that application as well."

Would you object to a bar on Sheridan Road where live music was played?
Something like the old Biddy Mulligans, where Albert Colins, Gatemouth Brown and other Blues acts played. Where there was a big jazz band on weeknights?
I'll stop before I wax nostalgic.
Regards, with some crabbiness
Don Mac Gregor fka Fargo Don

gf said...

fargo don-

i like the live music concept too, given the right owner. unfortunately, whichever sargon that might be, would be the wrong owner. i couldn't trust any attempt by them to do anything responsible, based on their history in that part of our neighborhood.

i appreciate the alderman opposing this license, perhaps for the same reasons.