Friday, March 10, 2006

Attention NHNA Members

The following correspondence is between NOH resident Kathleen Monahan and Alicia Lopez of the Alderman's 49th Ward Service Office:

From: K. Monahan, NOH Resident
To: Alecia Lopez 03/09/06, 12:48 PM

Hello Alicia:

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today. As we discussed, I have concerns about Island Grove Incorporated and their application for a liquor license and a public place of amusement license at 7644N. Sheridan Road (the former Biddy Mulligan's.) The property is owned by Sargon Isaac.

As you, Alderman Moore, and the community are well aware, Sargon will not be a responsible Landlord to these tenants, and will not take any responsibility for what occurs on the premises. He will only be interested in whether they pay their rent, and will not care if their club is a detriment to the community. He has proven his intent over and over again in our community. This aspect of the issue is cause enough for concern about the new venue.

We discussed you and your colleague Michael Land doing some research on the applicants. Do they have a negative history in Michigan with their former nightclub? What does the local police and liquor commission in Michigan have to say about their establishment?Are they known to the 24th District police department, regardless of having a record? Do they have experience with operating a safe and secure nightclub? How will they 'recruit' patrons - are they planningon having open parties that are publicized through flyers in other neighborhoods? If so, the community will strongly oppose that.

You also said that Scott Bruner would possibly extend the time for community input into these applications if Alderman Moore makes a call to him. The timeline to submit petitions for the public place of amusement license is one week from today - they are due on3/16/06. However, when I attempted to contact the office to get petitions, the number on the notification postcard was disconnected.

For this reason alone, I think we should get an extension on the 30-day deadline. I am requesting an extension on that deadline if possible. The deadline on the liquor license application is 40 days from the application date of 2/16/06.

The liquor commission takes written comments and does not require petitions as the license above. This deadline, then, will be around 3/24/06.If you feel you cannot find out enough information about these applicants by then, I also would like to ask Alderman Moore to request and extension of that deadline.

I will follow up with you in a few days to see what information you have gathered. Thanks for taking time to work on this issue.

Best regards,
Kathleen Monahan

From: Ward49, Sent: Thursday, March 09, 2006 4:38 PM
To: Monahan, Kathleen
Subject: Re: Island Grove liquor application

Hi Kathleen:
Thanks for putting your concerns in writing. It makes it so much easier for me to have a point of reference.

I spoke with the Alderman and passed on your concerns and he instructed me to write a letter to the Department of Business Affairs and Licensing opposing both licenses from being issued. We do not have enough information on this establishment at this time to allow them to move forward. I will keep you updated on any new development pertaining to this issue. Thanks again for your input.


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DMG said...

Thanks for posting this. Ah nuts.
I was all geared up for a Biddy Mulligans redeux.

Get Toto on the phone and see if he can whip up a 12 bar blues called the "Crappy Owner Blues"

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